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Complete Solutions (Aust) Pty Ltd

We are a electrical contracting company who specialises in voice, data, security, access control and fibre networks.

I would like to thank the team at Network in the Cloud for putting my company at my fingertips. Network in the Cloud did exactly that .. put my total ” network in the cloud”, allowing me to have access to my network anywhere in the world from my tablet, my laptop and even my mobile phone.

I can now bring up documents or diagrams and show my clients onsite from my tablet and alter them directly in front of them. I have access to my email in the cloud, emails are stored in one place and can be accessed from tablets, mobile phones and computers.

My staff can enter their timesheets directly into my system online. What Network in the Cloud has done is take the network to the next level. I now don’t need a bigger office anymore, i can now hire people and just give them access to a virtual desktop and they are on there way.

When Network in the Cloud approached me and said that you can connect on literially any platform, to your network in the cloud, from anywhere in the world … guess what they were right.

Great work Network in the Cloud.

Walter Dolby

Associated Computer Engineers

We are an IT software development company.

We looked at Network in the Cloud to centralise our development. Previously we had our desktops which where configured for our development environment and we would then have a laptop also configured the same way when our developers were out on the road. This caused a massive problem maintaining source code.

The cloud has brought us closer as a development team, allowing us to centralise where our source code is and creating a development platform for desktop and mobile developers. Now our developers can take a tablet and connect to the same virtual desktop that they use when working on our office.

Maintaining one set of source code and only one virtual desktop per developer. This has not only just brought the cost of licensing down but also the way we now manage our network environment.

Now developers can go onsite with a tablet and make changes live, maintaining one set of source code, databases and applications.