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About Us

Who are we .. thats a good question.

Network in the Cloud is founded by a group of IT professionals who specialise in cloud computing, virtualisation, datacentre environments, high end communications and mobile technologies.

It also meant that the IT professionals had to share a common ground for the IT partners that they supported to build the Network in the Cloud platform. The platform that we all share is vmWare. Our whole backend is designed over vmWare’s suite of products. All our datacentre and cloud infrastructure, management, desktop and end-user experience is all vmWare.

When creating Network in the Cloud, our vision was to create a particular network platform that would allow a end-user experience to be experienced the same as if the user was running in a locally run server(s), network environment and desktop computer accessing network resources on a network.

Feedback from users who are already running in the cloud is that they find that some applications run better in the cloud then what they did running locally on their own internal network.

Some say the flexibility and mobility is priceless especially with the tablet technology thats is available today.

Others say Network in the Cloud made there business run greener, meaning by moving the entire “Network in the Cloud” meant they were able to get rid other equipment like battery backup and power related devices, which in turn saved them tremendusly on their power bill.

At Network in the Cloud we undestood the limitations of previous technology and what other IT providers have been selling to end-users. We wanted to make a change to the end-user experience by providing a platform that doesnt compromise. We wanted to create a cloud network that would have no limiitations, in fact our goal right from the very start, was anything we could run on an internal network would have to be able to run in the cloud.

In the past, getting access to your enterprise network meant you needed special firewall permissions, VPN access, specialised software to access specific network resources and we all know how painful this can be. With our solution its simple, dual layer login, login and authenticate on our network to get access to your network, the login to your virtual desktop.

Contact us today and lets us help you create a new cloud platform that will take your business to the next level.